Our services

We believe high quality, patient-centred care matters.

Our goal is to provide solutions that respond to the changing needs of the healthcare system. Solutions which support its workforce, the restoration and recovery of its services, and solutions which deliver safe and effective outcomes for its patients.


Bespoke solutions

We recognise the need for locally developed solutions that are unique to services and organisations. Our methodology enables effective collaboration between data scientists and clinicians to develop analytics and tools to solve real-world problems in health and social care.

We use a variety of technologies to develop high-end, interactive software that empowers clinicians with the insights they need to identify where
the real challenges lie and to model innovative solutions using accurate data sets.

Engage the workforce


Understand and
assess data

Refine criteria and
clean data

Visualise the

Empower the user
with knowledge
and expertise

We work with you to define and understand the challenges your organisation, region or system are facing, and the barriers to answering them. Our team analyses the data and activity of your workforce to help inform insights and to develop recommendations.

We’re keen to support this capability within the NHS and to bring tangible change to your organisation, whether that’s providing training for your staff or giving you the tools to change your workforce and innovate care.

Our services

We offer a range of services that are designed to allow you to decide on the level and breadth of support best suited to helping you meet your aims.


Empowering you to harness local
knowledge and data to drive
effective and sustainable change.

Data analytics

We bring the experience and expertise to help organisations in the transformation and visualisation of their data.


Innovative approaches that help healthcare
systems and services rethink delivery and create new models of care.

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